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New Zealand Green Building Council

Code of Conduct


As a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), I proudly recognise I am part of New Zealand’s principal association of sustainability leaders and am committed to: 

  • supporting the creation of buildings and other infrastructure that are environmentally responsible and result in sustainable, efficient, profitable and healthy places for communities to live and work in. 
  • fostering a strong bond amongst peers and associates in the building, design, construction, and sustainable operations industries; 
  • encouraging the development and promotion of sustainable communities and environmentally responsible building practices  
  • leading market transformation in sustainability and campaigning for the wider recognition of environmentally responsible buildings and practices; 
  • supporting and encouraging educational and research programs aimed at raising the knowledge and skill base of green building practitioners; 
  • actively aligning with relevant publicly funded research to the practice/market requirements for innovation and development in green building implementation;  
  • participating in public debate on environmental issues within the building industry;  
  • supporting the campaigning and soliciting of funds to be applied towards the NZGBC’s objectives; 
  • acting with integrity, due care, and in a manner that upholds the reputation of the works and objectives of the NZGBC and its rating tools, its officers and employees