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Embodied Carbon Masterclass

Learn how to measure embodied carbon, what methodologies and tools are available, and what data to collect

This course provides 4 CPD points

At 9% of New Zealand's emissions, reducing embodied carbon in the built environment is one of our industry's greatest challenges.
Embodied carbon covers emissions generated during a building's entire lifecycle from raw materials extraction right through to demolition and disposal. The term refers to the emissions embodied in both the building materials and the processes required to create and demolish buildings.
Now with an agreed methodology and tools available to measure and benchmark embodied carbon, this course provides a key opportunity to ensure you're collecting the right data and have the best information to start taking stock and tackling this huge problem. 

In our Embodied Carbon Masterclass you'll learn how to measure embodied carbon, what methodologies and tools are available, and what data to collect

  • Examine availability and supply of reduced carbon materials and how to make smarter choice when selecting materials for projects
  • Discuss when to engage and invest in different parts of the supply chain to ensure optimal decarbonised design
  • Hear about experiences and lessons learned from managing low embodied carbon projects

To achieve New Zealand's net zero emissions target by 2050, we must tackle the challenge of measuring and managing embodied emissions in buildings. With that in mind, we worked across with experts throughout the sector to develop a consistent method for measuring embodied emissions. The outcome is an approach to measurement that allows for consistent, comparable and reliable benchmarking.

This masterclass provides a hands-on overview of this leading approach, and a walk through of the methodology and calculators for emboded carbon and lifecycle impacts. 

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