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Homestar Governance

As part of our commitment to improving the health, efficiency and sustainability of homes across Aotearoa, we work with experts across industry and government to regularly review Homestar while maintaining its reputation as one of the leading independent certification tools for new homes.

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Central to our work is a focus on home health, carbon and decarbonising the built environment. Our advisors consider the impact of carbon at each stage of the building lifecycle including operational carbon, embodied carbon, energy reduction, water efficiency, surface water run-off, waste to landfill, waste reduction, and the circular economy in supporting resilient communities.

The Advisory Committee and Expert Reference Panel have been established to:

  • Provide specialist technical advice related to Homestar as a holistic certification tool
  • Bring independent thinking and drive continuous improvement to adapt to change in the regulatory, environmental and social conditions across Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Evaluate the views of stakeholders as submitted through the stakeholder consultation process

Homestar Advisory Committee

The Homestar Advisory Committee works across the Expert Reference Panel (ERP) to consolidate recommendations for the NZGBC Leadership Team and Board on all matters relating to the development of Homestar. In doing so, they are committed to ensuring that the Homestar certification system remains rigorous, market relevant, and valued by industry.

Members of the Homestar Advisory Committee are sustainability leaders with experience in rating systems and the role of independent certification in driving change. They hold senior positions in their organisations and understand the economic, social and environmental drivers that affect the adoption of sustainable building practices.


Jeff Samasoni
Jeff Samasoni

Kāinga Ora

Oliver Buckingham

Solution Street

Rachel Soakell

GJ Gardener Homes NZ

Alex Reiche

BXG Consulting

Hayley Burgess


Matt Wilson


Gareth Gretton


Expert Reference Panel

The Expert Reference Panel assists with more detailed technical review and feedback on Homestar. Panelists are invited by NZGBC but may also be nominated


Nikki Bucket

Kāinga Ora

Rob D’Avergne

Foley Group Architecture Ltd

Sam Dallimore

BXG Consulting

Roman Jacques


Ella Osborne


Karl Wakelin


Brian Berg

Kāinga Ora

Lee Ann Durbin

Enveloped Solutions Ltd

Denise Martin

Oculus Ltd | Architectural Engineering


Get involved

For more information on the governance structure, or to express your interest in joining our Expert Reference Panel please contact Matthew Cutler-Welsh

What is Homestar?

Homestar is New Zealand's leading holistic sustainability certification for new home design and construction.