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Green Star accreditations

Join our growing community of Green Star Professionals

Green Star provides a holistic framework for non-residential building design and construction. Training is available for those wanting to find out the fundamentals covered by the Green Star rating tool, as well as those wanting to be actively involved in Green Star submissions and project certification. 

Undergoing training and successful becoming Green Star accredited, you will be joining a growing community of professionals leading sustainable buildings throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Benefits of accreditation include:

  • An Associate or Accredited Professional logo
  • An online certificate to evidence your accreditation and support project applications or tenders
  • Professional profile listed on the New Zealand Green Building Council online professionals directory 
  • Access to technical resources including submission guidelines.
  • Green Star Accredited Professionals are able to make Green Star certification submissions. 

There are two Green Star courses: Green Star Fundamentals and Green Star Advanced (GSAP). Further accreditation is available for energy modelling professionals. 


Green Star Fundamentals

This is an online course.

Green Star Fundamentals training is for professionals who don’t intend to make Green Star submissions, but need to be up-to-date with green building practice, and/or be able to work successfully within a Green Star project.

This training provides a good understanding of the suite of Green Star tools, certification categories and credits, the assessment process, as well as the business case for green building. 

The Fundamentals course allow's professionals to demonstrate they have knowledge of Green Star and healthy, low carbon, socially responsible green building practices.

The Green Star Fundamentals cost for NZGBC Members- $655; Non-members - $985; Future Thinkers - $545

There is no exam but the course is a pre-requisite for attending the Green Star Advanced course (to become a GSAP or Green Star Associate).

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Green Star Advanced (formerly Green Star Accredited Professional course)

This is an in-person or online course (Green Star Advanced). Participants must have completed the Green Star Fundamentals course (formerly Green Star Practitioner) to attend.

This course is targeted at those who wish to make Green Star project submissions to the New Zealand Green Building Council. Generally, potential GSAPs will have professional qualifications in related industries such as engineering, building science, quantity surveying, architecture, project management or similar professional expertise. However other related experience and skills may be acceptable. If you are uncertain whether your background will be appropriate please contact us.

Green Star Fundamentals is the first entry level course, after which people can take the Green Star Advanced course. By completing this course, they automatically become a Green Star Associate, which they can upgrade to a Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) accreditation by taking the exam. The accreditation showcases in-depth knowledge of Green Star and is perfect for industry professionals who intend to act as the core member of a Green Star project team and collate and manage Green Star project submissions.

Green Star Accredited Professionals (often referred to as GSAPs) have the skills to work on projects targeting Green Star ratings and are qualified to make high-quality submissions for certification. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the Green Star Design & As Built and Green Star Interiors tool. 

If you are interested in becoming a GSAP in Green Star Communities, please get in touch with our friends at the Green Building Council Australia.

Green Star Advanced course cost for NZGBC members - $1,128; Non-members - $1,695; Future Thinkers - $1007

The Green Star Associate accreditation will be awarded to participants who complete the course but not the exam.

The Green Star Accredited Professional accreditation will be awarded to participants on successful completion of an online exam.

The online exam will require additional time investment beyond attending the course and must be completed within two weeks of attending the course.

By attending the Green Star Advanced course and completing the exam, you are agreeing to the Green Star Accreditation Terms

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Green Star Accredited Energy Modeller

Accredited Energy Modellers are experts in energy modelling and have been recognised by the NZGBC as leading professionals.

Accreditation is through application only, with professionals selected based on the quality of their energy modelling reports, and the modeller’s ability to explain their assumptions, rather than the number of models submitted. 

Accredited Energy modellers can issue Producer Statements for Green Star submissions, in lieu of a full energy report.

Upon receipt of the initial application email the NZGBC will generate an invoice for the application fee and email this back to the applicant. Upon receipt of the application fee ($350 excl. GST) the NZGBC will start the review process.

The NZGBC and the Modelling Assessor Panel will review the documentation submitted and determine whether or not the applicant demonstrates the qualities required to be an AEM.

If it is agreed by NZGBC and the Modelling Assessor Panel that the applicant is eligible to become an AEM, then the NZGBC will advise the applicant of the success of their application (via email) and issue their biennial certification fee invoice ($750 excl. GST) minus the application fee of $350 excl.gst.

To ensure the integrity of the Green Star system is maintained the NZGBC requires Accredited Energy Modellers (AEM) to undergo biennial re-certification and credential maintenance.
Each AEM is required to apply every two years for their practising certificate. The fee is $750 excl. GST 
Eligibility requirements to retain their accreditation will be reviewed every four years. It is expected that they should have completed at least two Green Star models within this period.

In order to be eligible, applicants must have;

  • At least 2 years of energy modelling experience, in the modelling programs accepted by Green Star(Only modelling programs that have been independently tested by BESTEST and/or ANSI/ASHRASE standard 140-2004 will be accepted by Green Star)
  • Completed at least 5 energy models in accordance with protocols under
    • Building code H1
    • Green Star NZ
    • Green NZ
    • Part L (UK building regulations)
    • BCA compliance (Australia)
    • LEED
  • Completed a minimum of 3 Green Star NZ ENE-1 energy reports on buildings certified by the NZGBC.  

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Maintaining your accreditation

Green Star accreditations are valid for one year before you will be asked to renew. You will be emailed an invoice one month before your accreditation is due to expire.

GSAPs are required to complete 10 continuous professional development (CPD) points annually.

Green Star associates are required to complete 8 continuous professional development (CPD) points annually.

Please refer to the changes made from February 1st 2024 here

Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) annual renewal fees

  • NZGBC member - $150
  • Non-member - $225

Green Star Associate annual renewal fees

  • NZGBC member - $100
  • Non-member - $150

Transfer your international Green Star accreditation

We recognises Australian and South African Green Star Accredited Professionals accreditations, and allows active GSAPs from both countries to obtain NZ Green Star Accredited Professional status without attending the training courses.

However, there are a few criteria that need to be met before we can accredit you in New Zealand.

You will need to:

  1. Provide us a copy of your current GSAP accreditation

  2. Provide evidence of 2 projects you have worked on in the past 2 years

  3. Pay an accreditation fee which validates your accreditation for one year. The fee for this is $`50 for members and $225 for non-members, excl GST.

Please email us your supporting documentation for confirmation of your eligibility.

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Frequently asked questions

The benefits of the Green Star Fundamentals course are gaining a good working knowledge of the Green Star categories and credits, the need-to-know requirements of working on a Green Star project, as well as the business case for green building.


The Green Star Accredited Professionals course is for anyone who requires the skills to work on projects targeting Green Star ratings, and make high-quality submissions under the tool. This can apply to people ranging from different related industries, such as engineering, building science, quantity surveying, sustainability in the built environment, architecture, project management, or similar professional expertise.  

You get two free attempts for your exam. If you fail both times, please get in touch with to discuss your options, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  


You can log in and out as many times as you’d like with the Green Star fundamentals course. The course does not have a time limit and allows you to step through the course in as much time as is required for you. You can also still go back to your course after you’ve completed the course and exam.

There is no set timeframe to complete the Green Star Fundamentals course in. However, we do recommend completing the course within three months of purchase, to ensure that the course is not forgotten about. We also recommend completing your registration to our training portal within a week of receiving the email, to ensure that you are all set up with a login when you want to complete the course.  

The correct answers will show upon the completion of your exam. You can find the correct answers on the NZGBC training portal once you’ve completed your exam. Do get in touch with the team if you are struggling to find the correct answers.  

We currently don’t offer courses to become a GSAP – Communities. You can do this through GBCA’s professional development program. Upon completion of the course and exam with GBCA, we will host a 1-hour informative session on the tool in NZ and transfer your accreditation over for 1 year for free. Please get in touch with if you have any questions, or check the GBCA website for the next available course.  

We do offer the Green Star Advanced - Performance course. Please check our upcoming courses to find out the next available course. 

You can gain CPD points through NZGBC events, NZGBC webinars and NZGBC masterclasses. You can also gain points for being the lead-GSAP on a Green Star Project. Other ways to gain CPD points are through applying for external events. You can apply for 5 external CPD points every year. Find out more information on CPD points here.