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Green Star Buildings NZ consultation

The latest version of Green Star for low carbon new buildings and major refurbishments is here!

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From August 2024, Green Star Buildings NZ will be available for new buildings and major retrofits. This over two years of consultation and engagement with the sector.

The final round of consultation on the next version of Green Star - Green Star Buildings NZ closed 29th September 2023. Thank you to all who provided feedback and have engaged with the team. We have worked through the comments we received and updated the tool to deliver the best possible version of Green Star Buildings for the New Zealand market.

Over the past two years, we’ve run a detailed consultation and engagement process. This has included ongoing work with our colleagues from the Green Building Council of Australia, under the guidance of the New Zealand Green Star Advisory Committee, and with technical support from the Expert Reference Panels (ERPs), our technical partner NDY, our project management partner RDT Pacific, the Māori technical working group, other technical experts and the wider New Zealand marketplace to ensure it's suitable in a local context. 

We’ve tailored and localised Green Star Buildings NZ for the New Zealand regulatory environment, availability of products and specialised services, and to respect differences in our market, climate and culture. We also recognise the need to be true to Green Star and the expectations of our members in driving change.

Introducing Green Star Buildings to Aotearoa New Zealand

The team at NZGBC is committed to readying the New Zealand property and construction sector for the launch of Green Star Buildings NZ in August 2024. 

Since April 2024, we have rolled out a series of hybrid events allowing members and interested stakeholders to better understand what’s to come. The events allow all to hear from leaders from the Green Star Advisory Committee and the Expert Reference Panels, as well as the Green Building Council of Australia and market leaders who are sharing their experience in using Green Star Buildings since it launched in Australia in late 2020. 
These events run from April to November 2024 and will also be supported by a series of masterclasses that dive deeper into some of the specific credits. 

Catch up on the recorded events on demand here and register for those to come including the upcoming official launch of Green Star Buildings NZ on August 13th 2024.

Consultation timeline

We are grateful to have the support of industry leaders and experts to ensure Green Star Buildings delivers for the New Zealand market.



Since the initial round of consultation on Green Star Buildings NZ in October 2022, the NZGBC team has worked to develop the first draft of Green Star Buildings for Aotearoa New Zealand. The latest consultation document below highlights the changes made to develop a certification tool that supports a low carbon future while extending beyond traditional measures of environmental sustainability to recognise property and building owners, contractors and developers, and their wider project teams for initiatives in social governance.

Read the consultation document


Thanks to our technical partner NDY 

Localising Green Star Buildings to New Zealand is a significant step which wouldn't be possible without support from our partners who are donating their time and expertise over the next year as we dive into the detail. 



Thanks also to our Project management partner RDT Pacific