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Important membership information 

 Types of members
  • Full member benefits: this includes the possibility for individual staff to register on the organisation account (including subsidiary companies if applicable). 
  • Future Thinker membership – individual membership for current tertiary students and young professionals. 
  • Associate membership – by invitation for strategic partnerships. 
  • Subsidiaries membership.  
Subsidiary company membership
  • This category of membership is available to certain subsidiaries.  To determine whether you might be eligible for our subsidiary membership rate, we consider a parent and subsidiary organisation's combined annual turnover. We may request confirmation of the relationship between the parent and subsidiary company to confirm membership fees.  
  • Subsidiary companies and a parent company combined are eligible for one vote at the NZGBCs annual general meeting.  
Membership fees
  • The membership period is 12 months, starting from the date the membership invoice is paid. 
  • Only current, paid members receive member benefits, including preferential member pricing, attendance at member-only events, inclusion in the online directory of members or professionals, and (where applicable) the Homestar designers and builders’ directory.  In addition, only paid members may nominate and vote at our annual AGM.     
  • Membership fees may be subject to increases. If this happens, we will contact you.  
  • Membership fees are non refundable, even if membership is terminated part-way through an annual subscription.  
 What happens when you apply to become a member?

 Once you have submitted a membership application on the NZGBC website, you will receive an acknowledgement email and after that, a second email to give you login details so that you can set up a user profile.  At this point, your membership is still pending but you will in our system.    

Your membership application will be reviewed and once granted, we will notify you (by email) within 48 hours.  Once you receive the approval email, please either set up or return to your profile and complete the payment process.   The payment process requires a billing contact address which enables us to contact your account department.   

It’s important to note that membership is ONLY ACTIVE ONCE THE MEMBERSHIP FEE IS PAID.  If you pay your membership fee after receipt of an invoice, you will need to ensure payment to be eligible for membership benefits.   

What happens once your application is approved?
  • Using the email with login details you can login and add details to build your membership profile including key contact details and billing information. Your membership invoice will be sent using the details provided. Once paid, your membership is activated, and all benefits will become available Including discounts on events, training, and project certifications 
  • Your organisation’s dashboard has details including your registered staff listings, membership logo, transaction listings, and newsletter subscriptions. Each member organisation should designate at least two people to manage the membership on behalf of their organisation.  Both key people and billing contacts can edit the organisation dashboard information.  
  • We do ask that a key person removes any former registered employee from the dashboard after leaving.  
If you are no longer a member  
  • If your organisation is no longer a member of the NZGBC, please remove any NZGBC or associated brand or logo from your website or publicity materials. 
Change employer or if you leave a member company 
  • If you change employer or no longer work for an organisation that is a member of the NZGBC, please log in to your dashboard and change your work address to a new email address to ensure that your professional qualifications and CPD points are allocated correctly. 
What we expect of members

 Our members Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions and Rules set out expectations of members of the New Zealand Green Building Council.    


Any personal information we gather, or hold is treated in accordance with our privacy policy.