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57 Matipo Street, Christchurch

Those who live at Matipo on the Green will benefit from warmer, healthier and more comfortable homes. And as accommodation costs will include rent and power they’ll be better positioned to budget for fixed costs within a shared living environment.

''8 x 5 bedroom units, 130 m2 per unit A new development of high-quality rental accommodation at 7 Matipo St in Christchurch has achieved an 8 Homestar rating in recognition of the performance-boosting features of its design. Targeting senior and post graduate university students, and professionals involved in the city rebuild has provided a valuable opportunity to test innovative sustainability products – including energy-efficient appliances, steam stoppers installed in all showers, space allocated for edible plants, secure bike parking, covered washing lines, heat pumps and much more. All tenants will also be provided with a Homestar Home User Guide''

Summary of the key features:

  • Heat pump supplied to each unit, with cooling mode disabled and timing controlled
  • Heat recovery from showers (Innovation)
  • High spec, uPVC framed doubled glazing (R 0.41) from Warmwindows
  • Above code ceiling insulation (R 3.6)
  • Low VOC paint: pigment from Drikolor and paint from Colourplus
  • IC-F rated LED lighting (no holes in ceiling insulation)
  • North facing orientation, passive design with thermal mass concrete slab
  • Slab perimeter insulation using EZpanel Aerated Concrete
  • Fisher and Paykel efficient appliances
  • Steamstoppers installed in all showers
  • Automatic controls on bathroom extractor fans
  • Automatic control for velux roof windows
  • Kitchen range hood automatically wired to stove
  • Washing lines provided for all units with rain protection
  • Sound proofing via sound insulation construction plus layout (wardrobes separating bedrooms)
  • Very efficient Monster shower heads (4.2 l/min)
  • REBRI waste management plan, targeting 90% diversion from landfill
  • Recycling and composting facilities provided for all units
  • Home User Guide provided
  • Landlord sent builder on Homestar Practitioner training and required completion of environmental management plans for the site
  • Eco-preferred and low VOC materials
  • Space allocated for edible plants (common vegetable garden)
  • Secure bike parking provided for each unit (Innovation)
  • Carpet tiles to reduce replacement cost and resource consumption (Innovation for residential sector)
  • Architectural Designer: Mitchell Col
  • Builder: Shearer Built Ltd