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Kakariki House

We’ve chosen the name Kakariki House, which translates from Maori to Green House, to signify our commitment and passion to making this a reality”. Construction of Kakariki House began in 2007. The WISE Group decided to recycle as much of the existing structure and materials as possible. Even now, aspects of the old building are still evident, from the visible struts to the polished concrete floors. Today this recycled former retail building, with its new ‘green’ features, creates a vibrant working environment for approximately 100 staff .

Green Star NZ Tool: Office Design

Project Name: Kakariki House

Address: 293 Grey Street, Hamilton

Rating Recommended: 4 Stars, 46 points

Project Summary:


• Green Star Accredited Professional to give Green Star and ESD advice 

• Building tuning undertaken for the first 12 months of the building being occupied, including quarterly reports and adjustments to the system for seasonal changes

• A Building User Guide was created for all employees to learn about how the building and energy efficient, sustainable systems operate 


• CO2 monitoring and control for over 95% of the NLA 

• Daylight modeling was done for the building - daylight promoted through the design of a naturally lit atrium and solar tubes 

• The internal noise levels are designed to be maintained at an appropriate level • Paints, carpets and adhesives all have low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels 

• Ventilation rates are a 50% improvement on the New Zealand Building Code 

• High frequency ballasts are used throughout the building 


• Reduction in operational energy and greenhouse gas emissions

• Heat recovery ventilation, economiser free air cooling and automatic fresh air controls

• Lighting power density lower than a conventional building 

• Control zones for lighting are no greater than 100m² throughout the building 

• Tenancy sub-metering incorporated 

• Meeting room occupancy sensors to reduce energy use of lighting and HVAC systems 


• At least 25% of car parking spaces are designed for small cars

• The building is located within close proximity to public transport 


• Low flow water fittings used throughout (WELS 4 star)- consumes 40-50% less water than a conventional building 

• Extensive hot and cold water metering via a building management system, including leak detection

• Use of drought tolerant plants, requiring no additional watering once established. 

• No cooling towers were used reducing water consumption 


• Over 90% of the existing structure reused

• Over 60% of the existing façade reused

• Office fitout fully integrated with base building works ensuring efficient resource use 

• Over 60% less PVC used compared to a conventional building 

• All carpet and paints are Environmental Choice NZ certified 


• The site had been previously developed thus avoiding encroachment on green field land 

• There was minimal ecological impact resulting from the project 


• All refrigerants have an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero

• Outdoor lighting designed to reduce obtrusive effects 

• No cooling towers used in the air conditioning system, preventing process waste heat being released into the atmosphere

• Water flow to sewers reduced through low flow fittings