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Bode Homes - Bode56 Home Units

New from Bode, the Bode56 show home units. So far two robotically manufactured units have achieved 7 Homestar ratings to signpost a generational gamechanger for housing in Aotearoa.

The high performing, prefabricated dwellings offer a new solution in the push for better quality, cost-effective homes.


What: Two robotically manufactured 56 square metre modular show homes; two bedrooms, one bathroom
Where: Ōtaki, Wellington 
Owner: Bode (Bode is part of The Wellington Company – a long-standing leader in the sustainable and heritage building sector)
Address: 29a Waerenga Road, Ōtaki
Project certification: Awarded a 7 Homestar Design Rating V5.1 (December 2023) 

Project Snapshot

Architect: Bode - Griffin Tozer and Bryan Serrato-Aragon.
Engineer: Bode - James Desborough and Geoff Desborough.
Offsite manufacturer: Bode - Tony Oskam and Conqueror NZ for PIR panel manufacture.
Homestar assessor: Eco Insite, Matt Wilson
Project timeline: Installation commenced in May 2023, achieving a weathertight exterior in 10 days for both units and full completion by the end of July 2023.

Bode Unit 56b-7

Innovation, precision and speed have ruled in the development of two stylish Bode 56 Show Home Units.

All floors, walls and roof PIR panels were manufactured in just four days by a 6-axis KUKA robot with an accuracy within 0.5 of a mm, then palletised with all componentry for completion into several flatpack packages, loaded into a truck in Christchurch and delivered to site in Ōtaki.

Any waste from the onsite construction is returned along with the packaging and shipped back to the Bode Manufacturing facility for recycling and upcycling – completing a near waste-free cycle.

“We’re revolutionising how we build for the betterment of Kiwi communities. Our robotically manufactured modular building system allows us to produce large numbers of energy-efficient homes at an affordable price with very low waste,” says Bode spokesperson, Daisy Cassels.

The two show home units in Ōtaki are linked to a proposed green field development residential village of 500 dwellings – the Ōtaki Māori Racecourse Development.

Led by landowner, the Ōtaki Māori Racing Club, in partnership with The Wellington Company for the build, the proposal is currently undergoing the consent process.

Meanwhile Bode is already creating waves in the industry and delivering its innovative modular homes to customers throughout Aotearoa.

“After five years of research and development it’s very exciting to be ramping up production. We’re giving New Zealanders an affordable place to call home through innovation and a genuine duty of care mindset. Our homes are efficient, impactful, light on the planet and supportive of our local industry.”

Achieving a 7 Homestar rating for the two modular show home units has been “an amazing moment” for Bode.

“This is the start of something very special and our 7 Homestar rating proves this and gives our customers full confidence in what we’re doing. Going forwards we’ll be pushing for higher ratings and a passive house standard.”

Bode is also set to achieve a housing industry precedent. “We are close to being the first company in New Zealand to achieve Homestar Ready certification for all our prefabricated house designs. We want all our homes to be Homestar Ready rated no matter where they are in Aotearoa or whatever harsh environments are thrown at them,” says Daisy.

“Homestar rewards energy efficient homes with high thermal performance and low environmental impact materials. Bode is all of that and more.”

Homestar assessor, Matt Wilson, believes Bode is setting a new benchmark for the prefabricated housing sector.

“This is the way Aotearoa needs to be building at scale to help solve the housing and quality of housing crisis we face.”

He says the years of complex research and development behind the Bode 56 design made it easy to rate the two dwellings highly against the Homestar rating metrics.

Bode Unit 56a-1

Key performance outcomes of the units include:

  • highly efficient thermal envelope
  • minimal thermal bridging; improved thermal and moisture management of building envelope
  • highly efficient heat recovery ventilation; high quality internal air
  • very good level of airtightness (2.4 ACH)
  • very low waste

Key features include:

  • NZ Made PIR structural insulation panels; superior insulation, structural support, extremely watertight, Coloursteel MAXX coatings, moisture resistant, 50% recycled plastic bottles
  • Robotic manufacturing precision and throughput
  • A single panel provides internal lining, insulation, structural strength and exterior cladding
  • Thermally broken structure including aluminium double glazed thermally broken windows
  • FSC certified plywood linings; sustainable timber
  • Precision offsite manufacturing; easy onsite assembly with a team of three
  • innovative footing system; no concrete foundations required; rapid set up of structural frame to support to support prefabricated elements
  • eve-less design enhances long-term rain-washing durability, reduces maintenance (most cladding has a 15 year design life; Bode 56 has a 50-year design life)

Bode says Aotearoa’s building industry is broken and it’s on a mission to mend it.

With the realities of climate change it believes there’s an urgent need for environment sustainable solutions in the housing space.

“Traditional building with raw materials transported and built on site creates issues around waste, quality, the environment and supply. Our approach presents the bright future of offsite manufacturing and prefabrication,” says Daisy.

She says the two Ōtaki units address both the affordability gap and the ongoing cost of running a home. “They’re a generational gamechanger. Everyone is loving the quality and experiencing these amazingly high performing homes themselves.”

Bode Unit 56b-13
Drone 56A&B-1
Bode Unit 56b-10
Bode Unit 56a-13
Bode Unit 56b-3